A local gastronomic revolutionist and the mastermind behind GroupSix is our co-founder, Chef Ahmad Al-Bader. A culinary expert, a certified chef, and an alumni of Le Cordon Bleu and the French Culinary Institution, Ahmad has been the instrumental force in bringing GroupSix and its concepts to life.

With a diploma in classic culinary arts and restaurant management, as well as a certificate for parisian bread making, Ahmad brings together his passion and practical know-how to GroupSix, as both a chef and entrepreneur. Driven by his extensive personal experience of almost 15 years in the sector, he was quick to identify a business opportunity in the food and beverage industry, then capitalize on it.

In addition to creating and managing one-of-a-kind food concepts throughout Kuwait, Ahmad provides hands-on experience for those looking to break into the food industry through Central Eats.

Chef Ahmad is a nationally recognized culinary trailblazer and celebrity chef in his own right. He has been thought of for some time now as an ambassador of creative food concepts both in Kuwait and internationally. His list of food-related accomplishments is as remarkable as it is long, earning him a number of awards, where he was most recently named one of the top 50 most influential food and beverage people as well as one of the top ten restaurant developers in the Middle East by Caterer Middle East.

Chef Ahmed Al Bader



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